Washington State Airports Marijuana Policy

There are currently 16 Washington state airports owned by the government, Avery State Airport, Lake Wenatchee State Airport, Bandera State Airport, Easton State Airport and Copalis Beach State Airport are the most popular ones. A few years ago, when marijuana began being traded legally in Colorado, Washington State made a few adjustments and innovations licensing retail weed to be sold and today it can be found even at airports.

Although the states forbid purchase marijuana and take it to the other state, recreational marijuana can be consumed where it was purchased. This is mainly because consumption and possession of marijuana is still illegal in the aviation industry and although you cannot take it with you during a flight, you will be able to buy at the airport right after you arrive.

TSA has declared that they do no search for marijuana but if they find it on your checked luggage, officer must inform local enforcement, which will decide if it is proper to open a criminal investigation against the subject or to issue a fine. Denver airport has a sign that read that possession consumption, displaying, distributions, sales and transport of marijuana in fined to $999. Airports in Colorado ask people to cooperate by complying with the law voluntarily.

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